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Z House

Single Family Dwelling
One Story
Four Bedrooms ~ One Bathroom
Approx. 1091 sq. ft.
50 Homes Built: 1948 - 1949

The Z-house is one story tall without a basement. Interior floors are hardwood oak with linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom. With four bedrooms, this home would be ideal for a growing family. This home features a utility room and a spacious living/dining room. If you have any questions, we'd be happy to help.  

The original letter houses' interiors used newer, heartier products that last longer than houses built only a decade earlier. The interiors of all the letter-houses had wood floors. The kitchens and bathrooms had real linoleum flooring (pressed cork processed with linseed oil). Interior decorative features include cornice details along with molding strips along the outside corners of walls and doors made of a single panel of wood inside of the thicker surround. Doorknobs were fairly close to today's standard but were slightly smaller. Brass was a common finish with plated chrome used inside of bathrooms.

The Tri-Cities letter houses were designed by Albin Pherson, an architect from Spokane hired by the US Government. In less than 90 days, he planned the entire community of Richland. Construction of the streets began on March 20, 1943 with the first house being completed (a B-house) on April 28, 1943.

The Z-house was built only a few years after construction crews broke ground in Richland. To find out if an Z-house model is an available home for sale in Richland, contact Encore Realty for more information.

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