Amy's Addition

If you are searching for a house for sale in Richland, Amy’s Addition may be a great neighborhood to search in.

Amy’s Addition is a great neighborhood in Richland to possibly find the best fitting home for you.

Amy’s Addition in Richland is located very close to the By Pass Highway as well as Lee Boulevard. With this location, you can be in any part of Central Richland in a matter of minutes. You could enjoy any of the restaurants, entertainment, as well as parks. You can also take Highway 240 to South Richland in a matter of minutes. This puts you very close to everything South Richland has to offer.

Schools Near Amy’s Addition

Part of your search for a home may include taking into account the closest schools. If you are searching for a home in Amy’s Addition, you can check out the nearest schools as well.
The nearest schools are:

  • Marcus Whitman Elementary School 
  • Carmichael Middle School 
  • Richland High School 

Neighborhoods Near Amy’s Addition

 Sometimes you may not be able to find the perfect home for sale in the first neighborhood you choose. If that is the case, here are the closest neighborhoods to Amy’s Addition

  • Tanglewood 
  • Columbia Heights 
  • Beverly Heights Addition 
  • West Richland

Your Real Estate Search in Richland

As you continue to search for a home to buy in Richland, you will come to learn what each neighborhood of Richland offers. You will undoubtedly find certain neighborhoods better fitting than others. You may even find that your real estate search will take you to Kennewick or Pasco. There is much to find in those cities as well. We look forward to helping you discover the best of every neighborhood of the Tri-Cities.