Brantingham Heights - South Richland

Brantingham Heights is a relatively newer development in South Richland.

The homes in this neighborhood were built in and around 2010. There are 104 properties in this beautiful community. These homes offer some great views of the rest of South Richland. Also, these homes are located very close to local wineries as well as some great restaurants and entertainment. In addition, this neighborhood is next to a lot of great parks as well. It is also next to the Badger Mountain trailhead for those of you seeking adventure through hiking. This neighborhood is nearby elementary, middle, and high schools, too. This is a wonderful neighborhood for those of you looking to buy a fairly newer home in an area that is nearby activities, shopping centers, restaurants, and schools! The average home price in this neighborhood is around $450,000. Talk to one of our agents today to get started on the home-buying process. If you have any other questions regarding the neighborhood, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are happy to provide you with any additional information you may want.

Schools Near Brantingham Heights

  • White Bluffs Elementary
  • Badger Mountain Elementary
  • Carmichael Middle School
  • Richland High School

Neighborhoods Near Brantingham Heights

  • Brantingham Greens
  • Aspen Meadows
  • Crested Hills 
  • Westcliffe 
  • Badger Mountain Village 
  • The Heights