Willowpointe - South Richland

Willowpointe is a neighborhood in Richland, WA.

This neighborhood is close to the Columbia River, and has a lot of amazing aspects to it. The homes in Willowpointe are simply stunning, and they provide a great view of the water. Willowpointe is accompanied by a lot of different businesses that are in the area. Some of the greatest restaurants that are only minutes away from the neighborhood are Kindra’s Wok n’ Roll, Venezia Ristorante, and Dr. Bill’s Bistro. The USS Triton Submarine Memorial Park is very close to the neighborhood as well. The area is full of very friendly and wonderful people that will make you feel right at home as soon as you move there. You won’t have to worry about schools either, because there are a number of different schools nearby for you to enroll your family in: Sacajawea Elementary, Chief Joseph Middle School, Richland High School, and Washington State University Tri-Cities. If you want to learn more about these schools, click on the links that are connected to their names. If you are interested in learning more about the WIllowpointe neighborhood, or you would like to purchase a home there, feel free to contact any of our wonderful agents. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Schools Near Willowpointe

  • Sacajawea Elementary
  • Chief Joseph Middle School
  • Carmichael Middle School
  • Hanford High School
  • Richland High School
  • Washington State University

Neighborhoods Near Willowpointe

  • University Park in Richland
  • Rainier Square in Richland
  • Spengler Acres North in Richland
  • Horn Rapids